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African American woman washing hands

Keeping it clean - how you can help with workplace hygiene

15th July

We’ve all made changes because of coronavirus, and hygiene has been an area of focus for us all....
Unloading cargo from cabin at Sydney

Surprise delivery in Sydney!

30th June

The Menzies Ground Handling Management team at Sydney received an urgent call from Vietnam Airlines on 1 June, after a flight arrived carrying an unexpected...
Logainair flight on the tarmac at London City

London City - cleared for take off!

25th June

The Menzies team at London’s City Airport endured 88 days of shutdown, but on 21 June they were part of the team that got the...
Cargo being unloaded from Virgin Australia plane

Trio of Menzies teams takes cargo to new high

24th June

The Australian government recently announced an AUD110 million International Freight Assistance Mechanism to help the supply chain recover following the coronavirus crisis....
Tanker and fuel tanks at Palm Beach International

Fuelling growth in Florida

23rd June

We have made a significant investment in our Fuel Farm Facility at West Palm Beach International Airport in the USA...
Menzies logo on solid background

Celebrating the success of Shell Safety Day 2020

18th June

On 10 June, the UK Shell operations team took part in Shell Safety Day, a virtual event attended by representatives of Shell, Menzies Aviation and...
YTO cargo plane

New cargo customer for Menzies Macau

17th June

Menzies Macau welcomed a new freighter operation onboard earlier this month, as YTO Cargo Airlines began flights from Macau to Manila. YTO will be operating...
Aeroplane at Guam

Guam gets going again

11th June

On 5 June, Menzies’ customers Korean Airlines, Jeju Air and Jin Air all operated their first passenger flights since late March. The team said ‘hafa...
Still from COVID film

Take care, it's still there - help prevent the spread of coronavirus

10th June

We’ve put together a short film to help make sure that you and your loved ones, as well as our customers, are protected from coronavirus....
Menzies crew Aloha

Ontario says “aloha” to expanded operation

9th June

The Menzies station at Ontario, California, has been a fuelling-only operation since 2007, but recent good fortune (and a lot of hard work) resulted in...
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