Guam gets going again

11 June 2020

On 5 June, Menzies’ customers Korean Airlines, Jeju Air and Jin Air all operated their first passenger flights since late March. The team said ‘hafa adai’ (the local greeting) to almost 200 inbound passengers and supported the departure of another 150 travellers with check-in, ramp, cargo, cleaning and operations dispatch services.

Trevor Pickle, Director, was thrilled to handle the flights, saying; “It’s a good sign that we’re on the road to recovery. All our customers plan to resume operations once the Governor gives the green light to allow tourists back to the island without quarantine. There’s a chance the restrictions will lift by the end of June, at which point we’ll be able to support our customers’ start up plans.”

The cargo business in Guam has been less affected by coronavirus (as has been the case in Macau Oslo and Ontario) and Menzies has continued servicing United Airlines, Korean Airlines, APA, UPS and FedEx throughout the crisis. These carriers have been bringing essential supplies, including food, to the island.

But it’s not all been business as usual at Guam! The team proudly delivered goods to the United States Navy aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, which was docked at Guam for eight weeks following a COVID outbreak onboard. The team showed great flexibility in responding to the request to support the military, processing the arriving cargo through the warehouse and loading trucks with 115kg of supplies for the 5,000 service personnel on board.