We Are Menzies Awards, Teamwork winner: Angelo Pugliese

18 May 2022

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Building relationships with those around us makes us all stronger and more successful.

Angelo Pugliese joined Menzies Ibiza team in 2011. In 2012 he was promoted to front-of-house duty manager and moved to the operations department in 2014 before becoming the operations manager in 2018. When the previous operations manager left with no warning, Angelo took over the function and managed to carry on during a busy summer season.

Angelo’s nomination describes his commitment to teamwork and building relationships, “From the first minute he joined the team Angelo showed the leadership skills, teamwork and work ethic that have led him to be one of the most beloved colleagues within this station and a key piece of the management team of Ibiza.

“Angelo Pugliese is a colleague and a friend in the worst moments, even when he is going through a difficult time. In 2021 he had a very difficult personal situation in the middle of the summer season and at no time did he let it reflect on his work.

“Angelo supported a new management team and helped the whole team with his knowledge of the job and his good and cheerful character. Angelo has been nominated by all members of the Ibiza management team because, without him, Ibiza would not be the station it is today and above all, he deserves to be recognized for some of his brilliant work, effort and so much commitment after all these years. Angelo, we hope you read this, thanks for everything from the bottom of our hearts.”

Angelo was presented his award by Kristian Muntaner, Vice President Southern Europe and said: “I was surprised and very happy and grateful to be chosen to receive this award as I was not expecting it. I’m proud to win the global teamwork award and to have been nominated by my colleagues. It’s a great feeling knowing you are appreciated!”