We Are Menzies Awards, Integrity global winner: Jonathan Spading

18 May 2022

IntegrityWe’re open and honest in all we say and do, creating trust, and growing our reputation for high standards.

Jonathan joined Menzies in 2019 as a passenger service gate agent in Denver and was promoted to customer service supervisor the following year. In March 2021 Jonathan stepped up to cover the manager on duty position where he demonstrated his dedication to the operation, often staying late to ensure work was completed on time. In July 2021 Jonathan was given an opportunity to join the training department as a training and compliance supervisor. He is known for his compassion, uplifting spirit and unique holiday suits!

Jonathan’s nomination described his commitment to doing the right thing, even when it’s hard: “A short time after being promoted to supervisor, Jonathan had a situation involving a disruptive passenger who flew into Denver. The crew was very upset about this passenger, but since he refused to show his boarding pass when asked, and then left the gate as soon as he deplaned, it looked like we would be unable to report his behavior or prevent him from flying on Frontier again. Jonathan felt the situation demanded follow-up and accountability and he refused to give up on identifying the passenger. After considering options, and then talking to the crew again he asked them if the passenger had bought anything onboard. A crew member realized he had, and that this meant the passenger's credit card info (and name) was saved on his flight tab!

“This story helps demonstrate that Jonathan is thorough and determined to complete a task, even if it's going to take more time and effort than others might invest. It speaks to his integrity, because he knows that a half-completed task might cause more work for someone else or an unsafe situation.

“As a supervisor, and then manager, Jonathan always leads by example. He put his heart into training new agents and ultimately realized that it was this aspect of the job that called to him most, so he transferred to the training department to focus on that work. Jonathan's heart and integrity that never waivers on any day inspired our agents to also try their best.

Jonathan always patiently listened to and explained policies to passengers - on one particular night of irregular operations where there were several cancelled flights, he showed his strength and courage, working with police to help get the line back under control. He never skips an opportunity to have some fun and lift spirits, and is known for his holiday suits and costumes, while always putting the operation first and staying until the end to make sure the work got done.”

Jonathan was presented his award by Roger Harvey, General Manager and said: “It’s truly an honor and words cannot begin to describe how much I appreciate receiving the integrity award. Not only for myself but as a representative of my team. As a leader, I strive to strengthen my team by being transparent, sharing my knowledge and inspiring agents to develop, learn, challenge and prepare for when opportunities arise. Working with Menzies, I have found 'the sky’s the limit' for opportunity and growth. I am honored to be part of an amazing team and organization!”