Say hello to Graham Cowing #MyMenzies

25 March 2024

Say hello to Graham Cowing, Vice President Safety Standards.

Graham’s primary responsibilities are to ensure the safety and well-being of his colleagues and prevent damage to customer and company assets. Overseeing the Safety Management System (SMS), he has responsibility for formulating and executing robust health and safety policies while actively managing risks. In addition to these critical requirements, Graham is a driving force behind our transparent reporting culture, ensuring timely incident reporting, comprehensive investigations, and thorough root cause analyses.

Reflecting on his seven years with Menzies, Graham highlights the significant role he played in the creation of MORSE (Menzies Operating Safely Securely and Effectively) Week. This biannual event is designed not only to educate and challenge but also to reinforce our positive safety culture. Comprising of five days of immersive learning experiences, engaging challenges, and various activities throughout the organisation, MORSE Week stands as a testament to Graham's dedication to safety. Reflecting on its inception, Graham says: "When we sketched out what has now become known as MORSE Week some years ago, we never imagined the remarkable journey it would take us on."

Graham attributes Menzies’ strength to the passion and commitment exhibited by its people. Graham reflects: "Menzies is truly exceptional because of the collective passion and commitment of its people. The team isn't just a group of colleagues but a community that encourages collaboration and mutual support."

Thank you, Graham, for embodying Menzies’ commitment to safety and security in the workplace. 👏

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