We Are Menzies Awards, Lounge of the Year: Naples, Italy

19 May 2023

Congratulation to the Naples lounge team for winning the We Are Menzies Award for Lounge of the Year.

The lounge opened on 1 July, 2021 and the 20+ team made up of direct Menzies employees and supplier employees work together as one for the more than 3,000 guests who visit each week.

Giovanna Perucatti, Lounges & Business Development Manager, told us more about the team and what the award means to them, “The Naples lounge is close to my heart as I’ve been involved in this location since the bidding process started in 2019. Every time passengers thank us with a smile, we are proud, and fortunately, it happens often. We work hard and always strive to do our best.

“This achievement belongs to everyone, not just me and the team. It is the result of the hard work of all the people who support the operational, IT, finance, and HR departments, from the suppliers to our external consultants, and all the people who believed in this project, including the managers. It was the result of an incredible effort, and it is thanks to all of us.”