Menzies plants Trees For Life

21 September 2021

Instead of giveaways at this year’s Ground Handling International Conference in Copenhagen, we decided to support a Scottish charity called Trees for Life.

Trees for Life has planted nearly two million trees in the Scottish Highlands and we’re proud to support their rewilding conservation work.

For every meeting that was held with customers and suppliers at the conference, we have donated six trees and with 50 meetings over the three-day conference that means a total of 300 trees.

As well as our European sales team and senior leadership, Katy Reid, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, attended and presented a session on how we are approaching sustainability.

Alan Glen, Vice President - Cargo Development, took part in a panel discussion about growth opportunities in air cargo and what the future might hold.

Miguel Gomez Sjunnesson, Executive Vice President – Europe, said: “It was great to be back at the conference meeting customers and suppliers in person. Everyone was impressed with our Trees for Life initiative and our electronic business cards meant we saved a few more trees from being cut down in line with our goal to be carbon neutral by 2033, Menzies 200th anniversary.”

Feel free to plant a tree in the Menzies Aviation Grove on the Trees For Life website.