Go Paperless for the environment

2 September 2021

Our Go Paperless initiative aims to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Papercut software has been installed across our global print servers and on over 2,000 desktops, which records what is being printed.  In July alone, our printing habits were the equivalent of cutting down 63 trees.

We can all make a difference starting today:

  • Think before you print
  • Print in duplex (double-sided) where possible
  • Print in black and white instead of colour

Our IT and operations teams are reviewing printer arrangements across our global business, why we use paper and the amount of paper we consume, as well as how much it costs.

We are also looking at changing processes internally and with customers to remove the need for printing or creating multiple copies of documents. Digital solutions such as e-comms with customers, e-signature solutions, alongside further developing RSMS mobile, cargo solutions and MS Teams functionality will all make a difference.

As changes are made, they will be trialled at our London Heathrow, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Prague stations to help teams reduce the amount of paper they use before rolling out changes across our network.

Katy Reid, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Menzies Aviation, said: “The aim of Go Paperless is to reduce the amount of paper we use and ultimately help Menzies achieve our goal to be carbon neutral by 2033, our 200th anniversary. We can all play our part by thinking before we click print. We would also love to hear your ideas about how we can reduce our print volumes.”

Click this link to share your ideas on how we can reduce our paper use.

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