We Are Menzies Awards 2023 regional finalists

16 March 2023

In December, we invited everyone to nominate their colleagues for the 2023 We Are Menzies Awards.

When the nominations closed, we had received more than 2,700 nominations globally - more than double the number of nominations from 2022!  From speaking up to stop work in dangerous situations and arranging emergency catering to avoid a flight cancellation, to responding to emergencies, flooding and hurricanes, supporting colleagues' wellbeing in a crisis and sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues to provide the best service to our customers, the wide range of nominations showcase the commitment of our colleagues who go above and beyond every day.

Our regional judging panels had the difficult task of reviewing the nominations and choosing the regional shortlist. Following some tough decisions, we are delighted to announce the regional finalists for each of our values awards.

Safety & security

Safety & Security
Edgar Ivan Cruz Bustamante, Mazatlan, Mexico - Americas
Lehel Borsos, Heathrow, UK - Europe
Shiju P Sam, Bangalore, India - MEAA 
Ding Guo Lin, Macau OSEA
Aaron Wigg, Australia - AMI


Andrew Chin, Orlando, USA - Americas
Jose Luis Bueno, Malaga, Spain - Europe 
Rozanne De Wet, Johannesburg International, South Africa - MEAA 
Tan Dina Mariana, Macau - OSEA
Carolyn Hudson, Edinburgh Park, UK - Central
Joe Palalagi, Auckland, New Zealand - AMI

Oscar Riera Sáenz, Puerto Escondido, Mexico - Americas
Debi McCrae, Glasgow, United Kingdom - Europe
Ruphena Miller, Liberia - MEAA
Kelly-Anne Scott, Brisbane, Australia - OSEA
Sara Meiklejohn, Edinburgh Park, UK - Central
Suzrin Singh, Brisbane, Australia - AMI 
Selmy Campos Celis, Cozumel, Mexico - Americas
Ian Van Der Wiel, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Europe
Leju Joseph John Periumpolel, Kuwait - MEAA
Gemma Hancock, Auckland, New Zealand - OSEA
Federico Leoni, Edinburgh Park, UK - Central
Luis Stanziola, Sydney, Australia - AMI
Customer FocusCustomer Focus
Cristopher Herrera, San Jose Carga, Costa  Rica - Americas
Malcolm White & Dave Bamford, London Heathrow, UK - Europe
Sehrish Altaf, Faisalabad, Pakistan - MEAA
Lauren Gleeson, Melbourne, Australia - OSEA
Gerry Duffett, United Kingdom - Central
Carolyn Skoumbourdis, Polar Park, UK - AMI

Global winners
The finalists will now go forward to the Executive Management Board, who will decide the global winners. Along with the winners of the Performance Awards for Cargo Terminal of the Year, Ground Handling Station of the Year, Lounge of the Year, AMI Branch of the Year, Fuel Farm of the Year and ITP Operation of the Year, the global winners will be announced at the end of April.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a colleague and congratulations to our regional finalists!