New structure enables a consistent approach to sales and retention for Menzies Europe

16 March 2021

Last November, Miguel Gomez Sjunnesson, EVP Europe, announced the restructure of our Europe business. The restructure included the creation of a new Commercial team, headed by Juanlo Vidal (now SVP Commercial, Europe), and a new customer-centric approach to anticipating, negotiating and winning contracts.

“This is our response to the company strategy,” explains Juanlo. “If Menzies is to grow in the next three years, we needed to adapt our structure in the Europe region to match the airlines’ and focus our efforts based on customer value and strategic priority.”

A new account management team for provides a single point of contact for each customer operating in the Menzies Europe region, which currently covers 11 countries - each with its own language, culture, laws, business conventions and even climate! The new team works closely with customers to understand their needs on a regional rather than country or airport level, reducing the number of contracts required and simplifying the relationship.

The account managers are also taking a more proactive approach to sales says Juanlo, “We are no longer waiting for the official RFP (request for pricing) process to start but are getting out and meeting with existing and potential customers in advance.”

Additionally, a specialist contract support team has been created. This team works on the detail of the contracts and has adopted a standard approach to documentation – making the process more efficient for our customers.

Feedback so far has been positive, concludes Juanlo; “Instead of our customers having to navigate Menzies’ internal structures, they now have a single point of contact and we do the navigating for them. By adapting our way of working, we’re able to give the airlines a seamless experience and support the Menzies operation in delivering a great service.”