Melbourne joins Sydney with special cargo accreditation

6 July 2021

Just last month we announced that our Sydney cargo operation had been awarded the CEIV Pharma accreditation, making Menzies the first handling agent in Oceania to receive the prestigious IATA-recognised endorsement.

Now, just one month later, our Melbourne cargo team has been awarded the same CEIV Pharma accreditation.

Alistair Reid, Executive Vice President, Oceania & South East Asia says; ““It is fantastic to see the progress we are making in Australia as we continue to invest in our air cargo services. For our Melbourne operations to be awarded the CEIV Pharma accreditation shortly after Sydney is a huge success and highlights our commitment to providing the highest standard of services and customer experience. Looking forward, we are excited to apply our learnings and experience to our bases globally so we can continue to provide the best service to our customers.”