MORSE Month 2021 - Video competition winners

16 December 2021

With 48 video competition entries submitted across all regions to showcase the best examples of Menzies Operating, Responsibly, Safely and Effectively, our judging panel had a tough job deciding the winners.

The nine judges, made up of airline customers, regulators and senior management reviewed the entries from each category and we’re delighted to announce the winners, who will each win £1000.

We'll be sharing each of the winning entries for you to view.

The judging panel

  • John Franklin; Head of Safety Promotion | European Union Aviation Safety Agency
  • David Anderson; Head of Operational Safety | British Airways
  • Tim Meagher; Senior Manager Safety Standards & Assurance | Airports & Freight Qantas Airways Limited
  • Monika Mejstrikova; IATA Director Ground Operations
  • Paul Baines; Non-executive Director JM PLC and Audit Committee Chair
  • Silla Maizey; Non-executive Director JM PLC
  • Philipp Joeinig; CEO Menzies Aviation PLC
  • Mervyn Walker; COO Menzies Aviation PLC
  • John Geddes; Corporate Affairs Director & Company Secretary Menzies Aviation PLC

The winners

Operating – we follow procedures designed to keep us safe

‘Behaviour at Ramp’, submitted by Suresh Pillai, Head of Risk BGW

John Franklin: Intriguing start that got me really engaged from the start. Fun and interesting music to inspire people, which helped to cover some important but not always exciting topics in a really engaging way. Good strong messages about specific safety behaviours with clear statements about what the good practices are that people should follow.”

Responsibly – we have the confidence to speak up and report

‘We are confident to speak up and report’, submitted by Rachel Munro, Team Leader Passenger Services at PLZ

Philipp Joeinig: “I voted on the fact how much a video stays in my mind after watching all in one category, so the favourite per category is the video I remembered the most.”

Mervyn Walker: “I loved the enthusiasm!”

Safely – I value my safety and the safety of colleagues and customers

‘Why safety matters’, submitted by Harris Hussain, AM Risk KHI

Silla Maizey: “Fabulous video, really well put together and the use of the visual cards by so many of the colleagues was fantastic and really impactful in both languages. I loved it, it really got the message over loud and clear with words! Great teamwork.”

Monika Mejstrikova: “Left with the feeling that everyone is aware, that everyone is part of one team and everyone speaks one language without saying a word.”

Effectively – we believe that we are more effective when we work as a team

‘MORSE – You will never forget this word’, submitted by Beatriz Moreda, Safety Officer MAD

Tim Meagher: “This video has done an amazing job of linking the MORSE framework and linking this in to how it benefits and is supported by every team member. It shows the strength of the team to maintain MORSE in action to deliver a safer workplace for all teams and customers.”

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the judging panel.