Excellent marks for Farrah Mustafa

8 October 2020

Farrah Mustafa, Dangerous Goods Specialist, recently completed her Level 2 Supply Chain Apprenticeship, passing all her final exams with excellent marks! Farrah, who joined Menzies’s Qatar Cargo operation in September, is rightly proud of her achievement and the opportunity it presents for her career development.

Over a period of 14 months Farrah attended classes provided by Locomotivation, a training provider based in Poole in England. At the same time, she was working fulltime where she “learnt a lot about logistics and spent time in the traffic office finding out about traffic management, communicating with drivers, tachographs*, breakdowns and the regulatory procedures we need to follow.“

Farrah, who has worked in Operations for seven years, enjoyed the apprenticeship and has already been able to apply a lot of what she learned at work. “I’ve got a better understanding of the drivers’ perspective and how to help them when the pressure’s on. I also know more about the use of seals on trucks, handling radioactive shipments and certification,” she says.

Your chance to work, earn and learn
Menzies’ participation in apprenticeships in the UK is part of our overall commitment to supporting you in your personal and professional development. Apprenticeships are an opportunity for you to learn new skills, expand your current skills and gain a qualification.

Farrah’s advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship is; “Go into it with open arms, you are always going to learn something.” If you’re an employee based in the UK and interested in becoming an apprentice, find out more from apprenticeships@menziesaviation.com.

*a tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle to monitor its speed and distance travelled

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