Day Four

Day Four Activity

Do our colleagues really feel empowered to exercise their stop work authority?

A truly safe workplace will only exist if all colleagues accept responsibility for their own health and safety and for that of other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.

Why should we do this?

Everyone has the right and duty to intervene when they feel that their safety or another person’s safety is in danger. When there is a concern relating to health, safety or security you do not have to seek line manager approval before stopping work.

We must work as a team to raise the awareness and the need to follow health, safety & security procedures and our golden rules - Every employee shall be empowered to stop work if they believe that their safety (or that of others) could be compromised.


Asking the team whether they know the policy exists and what it means to them.

Provide examples that they might encounter in their day-to-day work and discuss how they would approach the situations and what might stop them from speaking up. See also tips and tricks

How do we want our people to feel?

We want our people to be confident to stop work when an unsafe situation or task arises and know that they will be supported by their managers and colleagues.

Tips & Tricks to help success

Why not set up a board and ask the team to share their thoughts and feelings about the barriers and reasons 'why' using 'sticky notes'. At the end of the week you could read through them all and discuss them in a group session.

Stop Work Authority

Download our Stop Work Authority poster below: