USA marks Veterans Day

15 November 2023

Current and ex-service team members were recognised in the USA with lapel pins, lanyards and certificates as well as other events to mark the occasion. Thank you everyone who shared their photos.


Roger Harvey said, "We took the time to recognize those Veterans who were at work today (10 November) and will recognize those on the team tomorrow (Veteran’s Day) and throughout the weekend.

Presenting a lapel pinPresenting a lapel pin in Denver

Chicago O'Hare M&O

Timothy Willis pictured left (Marines, previously served) and Ryan Roxas pictured right (Marines Reserve, currently serving).

Timothy Willis receiving a certificateRyan Roxas receiving certificate

Dallas Love Field Fuel Facility

Howard Kinney and Tony Karpenko with their certificates and a couple of military meals, ready-to-eat (MRE).

Dallas veterans day


Veterans Day OrlandoVeterans Day Orlando
Veterans Day orlandoVeterans Day Orlando
CincinnatiSan Diego
Josh ArnsTerry Munson
Veterans DayVeterans Day


Michael BrooksMitch MunroeJacob Tankersley


Erica Hodgson, General Manager said, "We had a great veteran’s day here in Cleveland where we decorated the break room and provided pizza to the team. We took time to thank Andrew Vallance, Christopher Szczudlo, and Brian Yackly for their service. I have attached pictures of Andy and Brian holding their certificates as well as a picture of Andy while he was serving."

Andrew and Brian receiving their certificatesAndy


Veterans Day was celebrated on 11 November. A certificate together with a box of Menzies items was presented to veterans within Menzies Guam.