MORSE Week #2 wrap up

14 November 2023

We hold two MORSE Weeks every year to inspire, motivate and reinforce our positive safety culture. Our theme for this MORSE Week was 'Let's talk wellbeing' and we encouraged everyone to think about how important it is to look after all aspects of our wellbeing.

It was great to see colleagues from all over the globe getting involved and as always, it was a busy week. Some locations kicked off with a spooky Halloween twist and as well as FOD walks and hazard hunts, we saw creative card games and teams coming together to play The MORSE Challenge - Unlock the Code, plant trees and share treats.

Here’s a wrap-up of MORSE week participation in numbers:

  • Hazard reporting increased an incredible 113% from a 2023 weekly average of 399 to 849
  • More than 16,000 attempts to ‘Unlock the Code’ on our MORSE Challenge gamification platform
  • 1400+ views of the MORSE week toolkits and resources.
  • 900 reactions and replies on 150+ posts on the MORSE week Teams channel, showcasing the activities from our stations. The channel is accessible all year, check out the fab pictures and videos.

Thank you to everyone who got involved to make the week such a success - stay tuned for more details of what we have planned for 2024! <