Zero findings in ISAGO HQ audit

31 March 2023

The ISAGO (Safety Audit of Ground Operations) HQ audit was completed this week. ISAGO validates our processes and procedures for safety, security, quality, training, people, GSE and operations across 282 standards

Menzies HQ passed the audit with zero findings which is an excellent achievement, considering the industry average of 14 findings per audit.

Passing this audit means we can continue our registration and importantly our 21 stations that depend on ISAGO renewal can achieve their respective accreditations to meet airport licence and customer requirements.

Pictured above of the members of the audit team at the closing meeting (L-R): Yogesh Parekh, Justin Van den Oosten, Lena Filthaut, Elena Flynn, Craig Austin, Wilma Kruger & Graham Cowing.

Audit team members not pictured: Tom Ashman, Malcolm Rae, Alan Glen, Amanda Cameron, Charlene Warren, Jonathan Hankin, Sam Greenwood & Shane Holmes.

Congratulations to the central services team who all played an integral part in the accreditation renewal, with a particular mention to Justin and Lena who also worked tirelessly for many months preparing for the audit.