Muriel Corbeil celebrates 45 years of service in Tampa

21 March 2023

In February, Muriel Corbeil celebrated 45 years of service at Menzies Aviation. Based in Tampa, Muriel, pictured above with colleague Paola Sofia Castro Torres, shared more about her Menzies journey…

“When I joined, my first job was administration in charge of health insurance, workman comp, payroll administration and accounts payable. I moved to fuel accounting in 1980 and I’ve been in that department since then.

“Accounting procedures have stayed the same – it’s the basics of input and output of fuel – but how those procedures are completed has definitely changed! When I first started, all fuel accounting was done with pen, paper and erasers on green columned sheets using calculators. Fuel tickets were manually written and all reports were typed accompanied by carbon paper and submitted through the mail. There were no fax machines and definitely no computers!

“Over the years we’ve worked through numerous hurricanes that impacted fuel supplies and meant long hours to provide fuel. During 9/11 in 2001 when flights were grounded, we worked with our airline contacts in continuous communication regarding the situation. Most recently we worked every day through the pandemic to ensure fuel supplies were adequate.

“No matter what the event – airlines still operated, and a plane does not get off the ground without our fuel supply.

“I enjoy the accounting aspect of balancing daily and working with my manager Chris Perea and the team at Tampa. I have been in contact with some of our vendors and airlines for more than 20 years – and providing them with exceptional work is very satisfying.”

Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your 45 years of service!

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