Our values in action

16 September 2022

When a Chicago-based passenger’s bag recently went missing in Stockholm during a European holiday, Devang Parekh and Ayse Misirli from the Arlanda Stockholm team went the extra mile to track it down.

Devang Parekh, pictured above, shares more about how he eventually located the luggage, “I contacted the passenger to get a detailed description of her luggage including the color, the brand and contents. I looked everywhere for her suitcase including the other cities the passenger visited. I tracked the registration plate of the aircraft in case the luggage was never offloaded, and we checked with delivery companies and other airlines.

“When we eventually located the luggage in Chicago, the passenger was very happy. Customer service is all about listening to the passenger's story. You have to be a good listener because in their story you will always find the solution.”

The passenger also shared their appreciation for Ayse and Devang’s efforts, “A big shout out to Ayse and Devang who continued their focus on helping us solve the mystery of our bag’s location. Devang, in particular, was a rock star in his communication, follow up, focus and willingness to not allow me to be passed on or left hanging. I can’t thank him enough!

“A HUGE thank you to everyone for your efforts.  We cannot tell you how beyond thrilled we are to have all of our belongings back safely at home.”

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