Cargo’s need for speed and technology

10 March 2022

There’s a big opportunity for air cargo to boost efficiency, accuracy, compliance and sustainability by adopting new technologies. And Menzies wants to lead the way.

As part of Menzies’ plan to become digital first, we held our first technology showcase at Heathrow Airport to identify solutions that have the potential to transform our global network of cargo handling operations.

Tech powerhouses, such as Microsoft and Vodafone, as well as next generation logistic companies, including i6 Group and WePlan, presented their products to a panel of Menzies executives. A full spectrum of solutions were presented from truck management and security scanning to employee wellbeing and shift management.

Organised by Rory Fidler, VP Cargo Technology, the one-day event was a huge success with 14 products set to be taken forward to the proof-of-concept stage at various locations including Guam, Los Angeles, Sydney and Amsterdam. Here’s a summary of what we’re looking to trial in the coming months.

Descartes Systems Group – manages the real-time flow of commercial, logistics, customs and product information

Google – control tower and complete data solution to create global oversight and real-time reporting

i6 Group – uses real time data to ensure accurate cargo-truck aircraft allocation

Meraki – next generation CCTV cameras utilising cloud-based recording

Microsoft – security scanning technology that detects wildlife based on artificial intelligence

On Assett Intelligence – tracks ULD’s journey from arrival to departure

Speedcargo - cargo dimensioning and digitalisation to maximise space in cargo warehouses

Vodafone – smart building technology that tracks and monitosr key building metrics

WePlan – resource management software that simplifies and engages employees with the roster process

Zebra Smart Cabinet – handheld device management that improves efficiencies, workflows and device security

We’ve already had some success with two of the companies that took part. KCL helped reduce paper printing by over 400,000 pages in three months and we’re aiming to roll out the paper digitalisation solution at some locations in Australia and the US. We’re also trialing an autonomous robot developed by BotsAndUs and will focus on its capability to execute nightly bond checks.

Rory Fidler said: “We had a fantastic turnout to our first ever technology showcase and have agreed to take forward 14 products to the proof-of-concept stage. As cargo volumes continue to rise, digital capabilities are becoming increasingly critical for our industry’s need for speed and accuracy. At Menzies, we are working hard to provide effective and efficient technology solutions to support our customers, promote our employees’ wellbeing and improve the sustainability of our operations.”