December MORSE Forum

30 December 2022

The MORSE Forum is held every month to help keep everyone at Menzies safe and secure. Yogesh Parekh, SVP Operational Risk, shares four key takeaways to avoid aircraft loading errors.

  1. Make sure the team are aware of inbound outbound messages so that the correct baggage and cargo is loaded.
  2. Before loading, check and count the baggage / cargo to match the Loading Instruction Report (LIR).
  3. Movement of ULDs during the flight, could dangerously affect the weight distribution and balance of the aircraft. Make sure ULD locks are secured by hand.
  4. If there are empty loading positions, as a minimum, the restraints of the empty position forward or after the ULD should be raised. Refer to the operator’s GOM for guidance on the specific aircraft type.

Watch a video about respecting the loading plan here.