MORSE Month 2021 Video Competition

6 September 2021

It’s time to shine in our new MORSE Month 2021 video competition.

MORSE Month is held in November every year and we want all our stations to showcase the best examples of Menzies Operating, Responsibly, Safely and Effectively.

Videos should be less than three minutes long and focus on one of the MORSE categories:

  • Operating – we follow procedures designed to keep us safe
  • Responsibly – we have the confidence to speak up and report
  • Safely – I value my safety and the safety of colleagues and customers
  • Effectively – We believe that we are more effective when we work as a team

There are four prizes worth £1000 for the winners of each category.

Stations can enter more than one category. Entries close 30 November 2021.

A panel of senior company representatives will judge the best videos and winners will be announced in December.

Need some inspiration? Go to the MORSE Month page on We Are Menzies where you can see examples of videos for each category and read the terms and conditions before uploading your video. Sign in with your account first to access the submission form.

Videos will also be shared on Microsoft Teams in the Morse Month 2021 group, which everyone is welcome to join and take part in this year’s MORSE Month.