Darwin scale up success

6 September 2021

Our Darwin team have successfully managed a huge upscale in operations and aircraft types since operations began earlier this year at the Australian airport.

The team were expecting to deal with B738 aircraft which quickly changed with the additions of B763F, A330, B789, A320 (containerised) and E190.

Earlier this month, the Darwin team welcomed Qantas’ fifth Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to the port, a Network A320 (non-containerised) aircraft operated by Qantas Link.

They now handle the following AOC; Qantas Airways, Qantas Link, Qantas freight, Network Aviation, and Jetstar in addition to Alliance and Ari North, totalling approximately 150 flights per week.

The team has dealt with many challenges due to Covid-19, border restrictions, schedule changes, as well as increased volume and the extra addition of aircraft types.

Well done to everyone involved, clearly showing their passion and pride in making these quick start ups a success.

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