Your wellbeing is important to us

8 October 2021

The pandemic has been a very challenging time for everyone. Now more than ever we must look after our mental health.

It’s natural to be worried about your own mental and physical health, new routines or loved ones and family members. If you are feeling worried, depressed or anxious please talk to someone.

If you think one of your colleagues needs support, please reach out and talk to them. A person who is experiencing anxiety, loneliness, grief or stress or who is not sleeping well or coping in general may start behaving differently.

If a colleague shows any signs of behaviour change, then their mental health may be at risk. In a workplace, behavioural changes related to poor wellbeing can also result in accidents.

Look out for these signs in your colleagues and co-workers:

  • Mindset - not wanting to talk to or be with people
  • Attitude - not being able to complete tasks or a new or unexplained lateness or absence
  • Tiredness - and not being able to concentrate on work
  • Emotion - feeling tearful, feeling agitated or restless

Remember, if you think that someone in your team needs more support than you can offer, suggest they speak to their doctor or a medical professional.

Your manager or local HR representative is also available to talk to or you can visit our online Wellbeing Hub to find organisations that offer mental health support in your country.

We can all, as individuals and as colleagues, help maintain good mental health. Take care.