Improving gender diversity at Menzies

6 October 2021

Targets have been set to improve the gender balance at Menzies and increase women in leadership roles.

Menzies is aiming for at least 40% of middle leadership roles to be occupied by women by 2033 and 25% of senior leadership roles by 2025, in line with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) 25by2025 campaign.

In addition to the targets, we are looking at initiatives to improve all aspects of diversity within Menzies.  We’ve started a diversity steering group with representatives from across the globe and our first pilot women in leadership course begins later this year.

We have made progress over the past year in increasing the number of women in middle leadership roles, who currently represent 32% of those positions. In the UK cargo business for example, women now hold 45% of operational management roles.

More women are also taking on ground handling roles. Our Australia and New Zealand teams have achieved notable success by doubling the number of women working as ramp agents. This follows Menzies’ pledge to recruit 120 female ramp agents across the two countries during 2021. There are now 97 women employed as ramp agents, with 30 of those employees also working shifts on passenger check-in.

Pelin Telci, who transferred from the passenger team to the baggage room and ramp department at Melbourne Airport said: “The job was hard to start with, however after a while you get used to the lifting. I’m not saying it’s for every woman, but it is an avenue I can recommend, especially if you enjoy varied tasks.”

Natalie Eagle has worked for Menzies for one year at Brisbane Airport and was initially hesitant to join the ramp team due to the lack of diversity. She said: “I am so glad I didn’t let anxiety stop me from stepping out of my comfort zone and learning a new skill set, and I would encourage other women to do the same no matter what role it is because you’ll be so proud of yourself for doing it, plus you’ll never know if it’s for you until you try it.”

Juliet Thomson, Executive Vice President People, said: “At Menzies, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive organisation. The aviation industry has always been male dominated, so it is essential that women are supported and promoted at every level. Our middle and senior leadership targets and participation in the UN’s Target Gender Equality programme are embodiments of our commitment to advancing the representation of women at Menzies. We are very encouraged by the progress we have made so far and are motivated to achieve greater diversity in all its forms across our business.”