Europe fuelling making a difference

12 October 2021

Europe Fuelling are the first business section to achieve 100% overall compliance since the launch of Empower, our new learning management system. They were also the first to achieve 100% compliance on managing risk, which they achieved in August.

This is a huge achievement for the team and Mark Everest, Training Manager - Fuels Europe, who has been exceptional at driving forward the team’s training during what has been extremely challenging times.

Mark and the team have received a Making a Difference award.

Empower was launched in 2020 and is a fully integrated learning management system that electronically manages all our training requirements - classroom, digital and practical learning.

Elena Flynn, Vice President - Quality and Training, said: “This is a fantastic result for Europe Fuelling and a credit to Mark who has pushed the team to keep on top of training and achieve 100% compliance. Since the launch of Empower we have seen an improvement in training compliance across the business. This is incredibly important to maintain the highest safety and security standards across our global workforce”.