Code of Conduct training module now available

17 March 2021

The module is mandatory for all colleagues and must be completed within six months. Log in to your learning portal (Empower or Motive, depending where you work) to complete the training.

The training is currently available in English and you should complete it in English if you can. We will be making local language versions available later in the year.

What is mandatory learning?
Mandatory learning is training that you must do. When you log in to your learning portal you will see all the mandatory learning that has been assigned to you. Please take time to complete any other learning modules you need to do.

What is the Code of Conduct?
The Code of Conduct explains how we should all behave so that we protect our people, our assets, our reputation and our suppliers and partners from harm. If you think that the Code of Conduct is being breached, you can use our SpeakUp service to report your concerns in confidence. You can find out more via the Related Links.