Our Covid-19 stories: Nathan McGrugan

2 December 2021

Nathan McGrugan, Planning Manager MEAA, tested positive for Covid-19 while on a business trip. Following his experience, Nathan is encouraging everyone at Menzies Aviation to have a vaccine as soon as they can. This is his Covid-19 story.

In August this year I contracted Covid-19 while working in Pakistan. Loss of taste and smell, fatigue, aches and pains prompted me to get tested and, given my symptoms, I wasn’t surprised when I tested positive.

As I was away from home my loved ones were naturally worried but being away made it easier to isolate alone and limit the spread any further.

I felt awful for a few days and had no energy to do anything except rest. Thankfully the symptoms started to pass after a week, although the tiredness lingered for a while. When I tested positive, it was about a month after my first vaccination and I can only imagine what the outcome could have been without any protection.

The support I received from the Menzies management teams and from our Menzies RAS colleagues in Pakistan really meant a lot. Their kindness and support underpin what we are about as a business.

I would strongly encourage everyone who is eligible for a vaccine to take it, not only for their own protection but also for the protection of colleagues and loved ones and to get the aviation industry back to full strength.