Help us decide the name for our new safety quiz!

26 April 2021

This summer, the Menzies Risk team presents a new way of testing your safety knowledge: regular online quizzes designed to get you thinking about safety in a fun new way.

What is it called?
We haven’t decided! We’d like your help to choose the name for the online quiz system – voting is now closed.

Why are we doing it this way?
With safety such a high priority at Menzies, we ask you to read and understand a lot of policies and procedures and we know it can be hard to take everything in. We hope that, by presenting information in the form of a short quiz, we can help you to deepen your understanding of key safety topics. It’s a form of micro-learning, when you focus on a specific subject for a short time and really boost your knowledge. And we’ve added in the fun element with earning points and a position on the leaderboard.

How will it work?
You’ll be able to access the quizzes via WeAreMenzies. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be tested on your knowledge and you’ll be timed as you answer each question in the quiz. Your results will appear on a company-wide leaderboard, so you can enter into a bit of healthy competition with your team and with others!