Menzies Aviation: we're with you all the way!

18 August 2020

Imagine an 8,000 mile flight, supported the whole distance by one ground handler…

Once again Menzies’ global network proved its worth, helping the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deliver medical supplies to the remote island territory of Guam.

The FEMA-chartered APA N888LT aircraft transported 12 metric tonnes of hospital supplies, PPE and generators from Baltimore to Guam. The Menzies team at Baltimore offloaded two tractor trailers of equipment, built the shipment and loaded the flight while their colleagues in Gaum - 8,000 miles and 14 hours’ time difference away - prepared to offload, breakdown and deliver the supplies.

Trevor Pickle, Director for Guam said: “It isn’t often that we can say that Menzies handled a long-distance flight like this at takeoff and at touchdown, and provided all of the ground services. To have our teams be the first and last touch points on this shipment from Baltimore to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a pretty amazing.”

Susan Whelan, GM for Baltimore added: “The team did a fantastic job, in fact we were performing much of the work while Tropical Storm Isaias was passing through. The team worked really hard to get this flight out safely.”