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Focus on Driving

Drive Campaign

James Callum - Training Officer

Our focus on safety has never been greater and our driver training is a central part of our operational training programme...so we've created a new Drive Campaign based around five easy-to-remember safety points:

Distance – Think Braking Distance, would I have enough time to stop safely if the vehicle in front had to stop suddenly? ​

Reduce – respect the speed limits, am I travelling at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions?​

Identify – look out for potential driving hazards, What about other driver’s behaviours on the road that could affect me? ​

Vigilance – stay alert of my surroundings and remain situationally aware, What's changed/changing and what does it mean to me?​

Eliminate – do not become distracted by electronic equipment, I must be stationary with the handbrake on.

Check out our videos to find out more about safe driving in all parts of our operation:

Employee Questions & Answers
Employee Questions & Answers
Employee Questions & Answers