Keep Learning

Continued learning doesn’t just refer to formal courses or training; we can all learn throughout our lives – whether it is trying a new recipe or learning how to hang a shelf. Learning new things is great for health and wellbeing and it doesn’t need to take up lots of your time. It’s easy to fit learning into your everyday routine, as long as you are open to new experiences and learning opportunities.

This wellbeing week we are inviting you to keep learning, and what better to learn about than something that is important in all of our lives: wellbeing itself. Our new wellbeing modules are quick and easy to watch or read, so why not give one a try today.

Why it matters   why

Learning has been shown to help improve and maintain wellbeing. It can:

  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Help build a sense of purpose

  • Help us foster connections with others

  • Help us enjoy life more

  • Improve our knowledge and thinking skills

People who engaged in learning report feeling better about themselves, have more self-confidence, more hope, more purpose, and a greater ability to handle stress.

Setting and learning goals and meeting them can create positive feelings of achievement and accomplishment.

How to get involved    steps

Get involved this wellbeing week by trying one of our quick and easy wellbeing modules:

  • Learning to learn

  • The wellbeing mindset

  • Building better habits

  • Weathering the storms

  • Resilience

Search for the courses above in your local training system: