Connect with Colleagues

Our social connections are vital for our wellbeing; they give us a sense of belonging, and help us to feel happier and healthier. They provide us with support and allow us to give support to others. People who feel more connected to others have better physical and mental health, and may even live longer.

Our social connections also make life more interesting, helping us to appreciate the perspectives and experiences of others. Having strong social bonds at work makes work more enjoyable, fosters inclusivity and can boost engagement and performance.

This wellbeing week we are celebrating our connections with colleagues by encouraging you to build on existing connections and make new ones.

Why it matters   why

Social connections have a positive effect on your social, emotional and physical wellbeing, which in turn have a positive effect on your social connections – a positive feedback loop.

High levels of social connections:

  • Result in lower rates of anxiety and depression

  • Increase self-esteem and empathy

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Speeds up recovery from disease

  • Results in better emotional regulation

  • Helps us to handle stress and makes us more resilient to stressful life events

  • May even lengthen life

How to get involved    steps

Say thank you to a colleague:

  • Create an appreciation board in your break room and invite colleagues to post a thank you note to someone that has helped them, shown them kindness, done a great job, welcomed them, made them laugh, anything!

  • Download an ecard and email it to a colleague to say thank you.

Build on existing connections or make some new ones:

  • Arrange a team lunch event or team BBQ

  • Introduce yourself to a new colleague/ offer to help a colleague

  • Arrange a team social event - virtual or in-person

  • Smile and say hello!

Find helpful hints and tips on starting conversations and keeping them going below, or take a look at the resources for more information.